A blended life

In the spirit of experimentation with this communication form, here is my WordPress bio

I live in Sheffield, within walking distance of the city centre and University, with my partner, two daughters and two cats.

I studied at Glasgow and Sheffield, and had academic posts at Durham, Manchester and Nottingham Law Schools, before joining Sheffield Law School in 2007. I am passionately committed to Sheffield as a city, and the place of the University within that city.  I enjoy integrating research and civic engagement with teaching and learning.  One of the things that I particularly like about being a Professor is working with students on research projects.

Even as an undergraduate, I knew that I would value autonomy over my work more highly than salary. Successful academics work hard, often for long hours, but the rewards are significant. Working in a University gives me a great deal of professional discretion about how I spend my life – it isn’t like working for, say, a large law firm, or the police force. There is also a strong creative element to my job. Universities are a fascinating place to work, because you get to meet lots of different kinds of people, of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. I have always been ambitious, and have put in the hours. But I am fortunate in that I truly enjoy my work, and it is not a chore for me to do so.

I used to feel guilty for working outside of 9-5. But now I enjoy the flexibility of a blended life.