Originally published on my sister’s blog:

If you celebrate Christmas, a Christmas list is a familiar notion. How else does Father Christmas learn of our desires? Traditionally, in our family, lists, known to parents well in advance, include “a surprise”, and go up the chimney on Christmas Eve. (“Sock monkey” once appeared unexpectedly on Daughter No 2’s list, leading to frantic latenight craft activity. That’s another story.)

I’ve been thinking about other lists. I have daily, weekly, annual lists. Lists help. Without lists, stuff that matters gets missed.

A dear friend wrote recently of that (elusive) feeling of satisfaction of a “to do” list, completed. She explained, however, that she meant a “short actual likely list, as opposed to the one that speaks of eternal hope.”

My #eternalhopelist – too private to share in its entirety – includes writing something startling, brave, discipline-changing.

What’s on yours?


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