Letter to my MP

*I am very happy for anyone who wishes to use all or part of this to write to their MP

Dear Paul Blomfield,

I accept that the role of Parliament is to implement the democratic will of the people in this country. If I had voted Leave in the referendum on 23 June, it might have been because

– I care about my local area and I fear for its future (jobs, housing, hospitals, schools …)

– I care about the NHS

– I worry about “sovereignty”

I understand that the negotiations to Leave the EU are now likely to go ahead on “the Norway model”. This is what George Osborne seems to be saying, and what Boris Johnson seems to be saying.

Can you please ask the government on my behalf what arrangements are being made in the negotiations to protect

– the EU’s investment in deprived areas (I understand Cornwall and Wales have already asked to keep their EU money – how will this work on the Norway model?)

– the immigration rules that bring the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals we need to run the NHS now

– “sovereignty” if we are going to be “rule takers” in the EEA rather than “rule makers” in the EU

Please keep asking these questions until we get clear answers. And please think about how you are representing the will of those in your constituency. It is your responsibility to make sure our voices are heard.

If as the representative of your constituency, you become convinced that it is the best reflection of the will of the people that the UK remain within the EU, then please use your vote accordingly.


Tamara Hervey

2 thoughts on “Letter to my MP

  1. As a Brit living in France, I think you might add something about reassurance for EU nationals living in the UK and UK nationals living in other EU countries. For instance, we would all like to be reassured that rights of residence and rights to services, such as health services, will be retained under any arrangement that is made.


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